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About Clara

    My love for dogs started when I was a kid. My neighbors had a Dachshund, Gingie, and I would visit her as much as I could...not the people, the dog!.  Ever since then I have loved dogs.

    I started my own business with the goal of providing a caring and dependable service, with a personal touch.  I get to know my clients (and their owners) very well, and I consider them part of my family.  I do not walk separate client’s dogs together in a group. I spend a full 25 minutes exclusively with your dog(s), so they get my full attention and get the exercise specific to their needs.  

    I am a one-woman business, which benefits you in that you know that it’s always me coming into your home.  You will not find yourself in a situation of having a different walker in your home each week, which is a common complaint with larger companies. Additionally, you don’t have to go through a middle man for scheduling changes. I control my schedule and am able to adapt as needed. However, this also means that I do not have staff to fill in for me on those rare times when I can’t work.  I do occasionally take days off myself, however if I plan to take time off I will give you at least 2 weeks notice.

    For overnight care I try to make the dogs feel like they are in their second home when they stay with me.  I limit the number of dogs I take in, so I always have enough attention and love to go around.  The dogs are free to roam, and sleep in my home (and sometimes on my bed) as if they were in their own home. 

    I am insured, and I have completed a pet first aid class at the Anti-Cruelty Society.  I am happy to provide references which are available at our initial interview meeting.

    Thank you so much for entrusting me with the care of your furry babies.

Our Team
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